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Plantation Shutters Melbourne

Give your home a timeless look with our solid collection of premium quality best plantation shutters in Melbourne. Our window Plantation Shutters complement almost any decor enhancing the beauty and elegance of your dwelling. Our perfectly designed indoor custom plantation shutters Melbourne add character, class, and sophistication to any of your room, making it look stylish, sleek and chic. We also offer premium window plantation shutters in Melbourne installation services to give a long-lasting life to the structure.

You have the opportunity to select from a wide range of window plantation shutters which include, Basswood Plantation Shutters, White Teak Plantation Shutters, PVC Plantation shutters, and Express Plantation shutters. These high-quality window plantation shutters in Melbourne serve the core purpose of beauty and protection brilliantly and give a magnificent look to your home.

Why miss a chance on getting these incredibly popular window plantation shutters from Melbourne and blinds that are designed, constructed to fit any size of the window. Remember, the benefits you are getting from covering treatments extend way beyond aesthetics.

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We are sure our indestructible plantation shutters in Melbourne will turn the heads of people in your neighbourhood.

No matter what your budget is, our best plantation shutters from Melbourne bespoke our brand, and come at a very affordable price to meet most budgets. 

More than just the window plantation shutters in Melbourne:

Want to make a difference to your modern decor? Here is the key!

We at Meta Blinds, want our indoor plantation shutters in Melbourne to add value and make a sophisticated looking interior decor. The hand-crafted design is made from 100% basswood, high-quality PVC Plantation Shutters Melbourne and aluminium. The prime dictum of ours is to provide elegant looking, long-lasting Indoor Plantation shutters melbourne to you.

Western Red Cedar Plantation Shutters (Open)
Shutter in Window

A foot forward towards privacy maintenance:

Want to keep the prying eyes outside your home? Here is the right solution.

While designing plantation shutters in Melbourne, all the elements are given acute attention, including privacy. So why not install this piece of decor that allows you to gaze outside the window, sip a cup of coffee, observe people outside, but still feel the solitude while sitting inside the abode?

Let’s replace your boring looking windows with a clean and modern looking best plantation shutters in Melbourne whose design can’t be beaten.

Choose the Best Window Plantation Shutters Crafted By Experts:

Our experienced professional team of window plantation shutters help you in creating a state-of-art shutter for your gorgeous dwelling. The craftsmanship of our expert team comes after serving some fantastic results to our esteemed clients. We promise our best plantation shutters in Melbourne will not crumble, break, peel or fade for years, and you can enjoy the exclusive window view sitting on your couch.

Do not scratch your head if you find window plantation shutters installation is an overwhelming task, let our experts be at your service.

Crafted by Experts
Basswood Plantation Shutters

Versatility in Window Shutters in Melbourne:

Our custom-made window shutters in plantation shutters Melbourne will best-fit any sort of window shape be it octagonal, arched or angled windows. You will get a flexible plantation shutter, and it is you who would decide between the clear window view and no view from the room.

We aim to provide an end-to-end service cycle starting from selecting, ordering and plantation shutter installation. Do not hesitate, contact us today for cheapest window shutters to buy plantation shutters online.



Investing in the Basswood window plantation shutters is the best decision ever. You will never regret and will get value for the money in return. This elegant covering is made from the sturdy trunks of the Tilia tree. The rigidity of the wood facilitates to manufacture large panels smoothly in a single piece.



Your hunt for strong and hard-wearing plantation shutters in Melbourne ends here. The robust frames, PVC plantation shutters will take you back to the majesty of Ancient Greece, and illustrate both grandeur and utility.

Meta Blinds Plantation Shutters

White Teak

Want to give your house an elite look, go for White teak indoor plantation shutters. With many desirable qualities like durability, high strength and lightweight, white teak shutters are becoming highly popular across Australia.



For those with a penchant for perfection and want to glorify the house within a snap of a finger, Express indoor plantation shutters are the best option. This timeless addition to the family gives you all the privacy that is needed and also allows you to enjoy the large looking space with sufficient sunlight.

Give your home a timeless and elegant look with our range of custom made indoor plantation shutters at factory-direct prices​.

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FAQs About Plantation Shutters Melbourne

Well, there are many factors you need to consider before buying plantation shutters. We will discuss some of them here:

Quality of material
The quality of material used in making plantation shutters decides the longevity and strength of the shutters. Timber, aluminium, PVC and other synthetic are common materials used in making of plantation shutters. Timber plantation shutters Melbourne are the best material if you want more customisation or if you are looking for blinds for shaped windows.

Types of controls for plantation shutters
Plantation shutters in  Melbourne more often are made using three types of different control. The most common control type is called Clearview, the centre tilt rod, hidden and motorised. Clearview and Hidden controls make the shutter look more modern and are the easiest to clean as they don’t have a tilt rod in the centre or on the front side of the louvres.

Types of frames for plantation shutters
When installing the best plantation shutters, the panels can be mounted directly or using a frame. That is determined by how much depth you have in your window reveal. It is much easier to install shutters with a frame if the windows are out of square, or if you have more than one panel.
There are two main types of frames used for shutters called L-Frames and Z-frames. L-Frames can be used for both face or revile fitting while Z-Frames are used for revile fit only. These frames are designed with an edging that overlaps around the four sides of the window. Z-Frames give you more room to adjust the panels if the windows are not square. Also, they conceal any gaps between the shutter frame and window revile.

Size of louvres
Today most modern shutters are made using three different sizes of aerofoil louvres, 63mm, 89mm, or 114mm. The difference in louvre width will change the appearance and functionality of your shutters. For example, you will only get a couple of blades if you have a short window and you use the 114mm louvres. If you have tall windows and choose to use 63mm louvres, then your shutter will look busier. I think that’s why most people end up buying shutters with 89mm blades. 89mm louvres are remarkable because they are not too big and blends in seamlessly with most homes and architecture. When it comes to cleaning your plantation shutters Melbourne, you will also have fewer louvres to wipe.

Yes, you can. If the height of the shutter is over 1500mm, the top and bottom section of blades divide automatically by a middle-rail. Otherwise, you can select where you want to split each section.

Buy from a reputable brand.
Choose a brand that has a reputation in the market and offers high-quality, highly functional and custom plantation shutters.

Ask for samples
Ensure that the company you choose should be able to offer you a complete and finish sample of plantation shutters. You can check the quality of the finish and construction of plantation shutters Melbourne.

Proper measurements of each window
No two windows are the same, and you need to ensure that the company takes measurements of all the windows and construct plantation shutters  in Melbourne accordingly.

Thermal Insulation
Ensure that the plantation shutters Melbourne installed in your home offer thermal insulation. PVC and timber plantation shutters are the best when it comes to thermal insulation.

The average life of plantation shutters is of 10-20 years. However, it also depends on the material used and how often they are used. Aluminium and PVC plantation shutters are the most durable shutters. 

There are many materials used in the making of plantation shutters such as wood, aluminium, PVC Vinyl Chloride, foamed synthetics, and basswood. Aluminium and wood shutters are highly durable and last for years. Faux wood shutters are economical yet reliable. Choosing the best plantation shutters depends on your preferences, budget, a number of windows in your home and the amount of thermal insulation you want in your home.

There are a total of six types of shutters- full height shutters, tier-on-tier shutters, shaped shutters, café style shutters, fixed shutters, sliding shutters. When we discuss the material used in the making of plantation shutters, there are aluminium plantation shutters melbourne, faux wood shutters, solid wood shutters, synthetic shutters, vinyl shutters and basswood shutters. Also, there are waterproof shutters, bay window shutters, and conservatory shutters

Though white is the universally popular colour for plantation shutters Melbourne, there are many other hues you can try as per your home décor and your personal preferences. There are many shades of blues you can choose. Also, in recent years, dark stain or grey shutters are becoming popular due to the classic, timeless look they offer.

Basswood shutters have carved a niche for itself across the globe due to its versatility. They are highly flexible and versatile when it comes to designing and styling. You can paint, sand or stain them in any colour of your choice. Basswood plantation shutters in Melbourne are also highly reliable.

There are many factors to consider when we ask, what is the best material for plantation shutters in Melbourne ? The truth is there is no best material for plantation shutters. Saying one material is the best is like saying Toyota is the best car when you need a boat. Most timber shutters are not moisture resistant when PVC and aluminium is. And if you like big wide modern panels, then timber is better because of its lightweight. The most important thing is that the plantation shutter melbourne you purchase will look good on your window, function the way you want and built using suitable quality materials. Please feel free to get more info on the pros and cons of each material used to construct the shutter. Or speak to one of our plantation shutter experts for guidance on selecting the perfect plantation shutters or blinds for you.

Timber or PVC shutters are both highly durable, but lets first start talking about PVC shutters.
PVC shutters are resistant to moisture and are easy to clean and maintain. As the louvres of the PVC blade have an aluminium core and the louvres get extruded from a machine that makes the final shape more consistent and durable than timber. Hence louvres on PVC shutters will close more evenly compared to timber shutters. The con of having PVC plantation shutters melbourne are the material itself is heavy, so if you have large panels, they will sag over time and might need adjusting. We recommend that you use timber if you want your shutter door over 800mm in width.

Timber is the most popular material for making shutters worldwide for a good reason. You can stain Basswood or Teak shutters to add warmth and elegance to your home or paint it in any colour you want. Timber is also easier to carve and craft compared to PVC. You can make timber plantation shutter Melbourne to fit nearly any shape window. The only con with timber shutters is that timber is a natural product and it’s not perfect all the time. So, you might notice that the gap between the blades, when the louvres are shut more consistent on PVC shutters.

Conclusion: we recommend PVC shutters with an aluminium core if you have standard square or rectangle windows, or if you are installing shutters in a moist area like bathrooms.
If you like the natural stained timber colour look, or want wide shutter doors. The Basswood or Teak shutters are the best options for you.
If you are still unsure, please give one of our shutter experts to help guide you with your selection.

If you buy plantation shutters in Melbourne, you might spend around $400 for every square meter of plantation shutters. On average, timber and PVC plantation shutters cost around $1300 for a 1800mm by 1800mm size window.

Most of the homeowners end up spending between $1,450 to $3,360. However, plantation shutters’ cost depends on many parameters such as the number of windows, the average area of the windows, the total number of rooms in the home, and the materials selected.

Plantation shutters are magnificent. It improves the overall look of your home from both inside and out. Window shutters allow you to control light, and increase the value of your home. It will be the best addition to your home. All you need to do is to choose the best manufacturer and installer of plantation shutters in Melbourne.

The average cost of plantation shutters in Melbourne is $400 per square meter, even if you want a custom job. Wood shutters would cost around $400 per square meter installed, and the composite shutters would cost about $380 per square meter installed.

It depends on your preference, but there is a general idea that if you use plantation shutters in one window in a room, it is recommended to use them in every window of that room. If you have four windows in a room and installed plantation shutters Melbourne for one window, cover all three remaining windows with plantation shutters.

Though you can DIY plantation shutters in Melbourne, it is a complex and time-consuming task. Instead, it is advised to hire professional help.

One of the most popular window or Plantation shutters in Australia, vinyl plantation shutters are the least expensive ones of all the plantation shutters. However, they might have structural issues if the shutters are large. They don’t contain wood but have PVC or aluminium support for stability. Furthermore, they are also weather resistant and good for areas with a good amount of moisture. However, one of the best plantation shutters and reasons to install them is the cost. When cost is the parameter worth considering, you can go for vinyl plantation shutters. They are available in a wide range of types such as hollow vinyl plantation shutters, structured hollow vinyl plantation shutters, solid vinyl plantation shutters, solid vinyl with an aluminium insert and vinyl-clad wood shutters. Vinyl shutters are very durable and versatile and serve the core purpose brilliantly.

Also known as engineered wood, fake wood or faux wood, these composite plantation shutters are built from engineered wood. Here, MDF wrapped in a vinyl or PVC coating makes the shutters and they are very sturdy and also weather and humidity resistant. The downside to these shutters is the MDF is very heavy, so overtime the shutter panels might sag. If you don’t have a budget to install wood shutters, you can go for these composite plantation shutters as most of the characteristics of these both shutters are the same.

Wood plantation shutters are one of the most popular and preferred types of plantation shutters and you will see them around you more often. With the highest strength-to-weight ratio, they are very lightweight and strong plantation shutters. The most preferred wood plantation shutters are basswood plantation shutters.

They can be honed into custom plantation shutters with tailor-made shapes and sizes and you can also stain or paint them with colours of your choice. It is not possible with vinyl or composite shutters which are prefabricated into styles and colours. They are very attractive and give an aesthetic and sophisticated appeal to the room when installed. It will give a paradigm shift to the look of your home and every single penny you have spent worth it.

Aluminium is considered the best material for plantation shutters as it is relatively strong and sturdy and serves the purpose effectively and efficiently. It is the best option for outdoor choice. It has a single panel and also has locks for security making them ideal for the best plantation shutters. They look like timber shutters and offer superior durability and lifespan. There are standard designer colours, custom powder coat colours available with this choice. 

Aluminium plantation shutters are always in high demand due to the simple yet magnificent look and appeal they offer to residential and commercial premises. You can have the best value for money.

Alycore plus pvc plantation shutters are very unique shutters with a co-extruded internal aluminium core which make the shutter’s structure more strong and sturdy. They are highly attractive, elegant and beautiful with the required strength, stability and precision. In addition to that, they are also more durable, energy-efficient and require low maintenance compared to other types of shutters. You don’t have to worry about yellowing, weathering and corrosion of the shutters with the engineered HSPVC polyvinyl material. This material can make one of the best plantation shutters in Australia. Also, the insulation is far better compared to other shutters and it provides the feel of real wood.

Experts believe that basswood is the best material for plantation shutters and offer superior flexibility for design and style to blend with your home style. You can also make them attractive by sanding, painting or staining them with any colour of your choice. 

In addition to that, if you want to carve it with different creative shapes, an expert can help you with that easily. Also, basswood has a pale colour that makes it perfect for stain or paints to give a mesmerising view and creating one of the best plantation shutters in Australia. Moreover, basswood plantation shutters is very stable and does not warp compared to timbers such as poplar and durable compared to Palawnia and Phoenix Wood (Chinese Parasol Tree).

They are very stable and attractive shutters exactly like real wood shutters and have the scope for creative finishes such as painting, staining or wrapping. Made of thin slats of wood that are glued together, they are very affordable and at the same time, attractive. You can add an aesthetic appeal to your home with laminated shutters making it ideal for the best plantation shutters

When used for indoor plantation shutters, cedarwood resists warping, bowing and cupping. Like other window shutters, they can be painted and stained well to get the desired style or design. Also, these shutters are resistant to rots and insects and you can have a beautiful and sophisticated look of your room with cedarwood plantation shutters.

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