PVC Plantation Shutters
We Make PVC Plantation Shutters in Melbourne. Buy Factory Direct & Save $$$ 5 Year Warranty
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PVC Plantation Shutters
We Make PVC Plantation Shutters in Melbourne. Buy Factory Direct & Save $$$ 5 Year Warranty
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PVC Plantation Shutters
We Make PVC Plantation Shutters in Melbourne. Buy Factory Direct & Save $$$ 5 Year Warranty
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PVC Plantation Shutters​

Your hunt for a strong and hard-wearing plantation shutter ends here. The robust frames, PVC plantation shutters will take you back to the majesty of Ancient Greece, and illustrate both grandeur and utility.

PVC plantation shutters in Melbourne look identical to timber plantation shutters as the parts used are of the same dimension. They are painted using the same non-toxic polyurethane coating.

Our indoor PVC plantation shutters online have a fully adjustable hinge, making PVC shutters a perfect option for gorgeous looking homes. PVC shutters in Melbourne are synthetic material that will last long without absorbing moisture, without splitting, cracking or rotting and are virtually maintenance-free.

We are sure, you would never get disappointment on seeing the sharp finish PVC plantation shutters into your room making it a bright, joyful and stylish space to live.

PVC plantation shutters are crafted with the finest quality of toxin-free Poly Vinyl Chloride with an extruded aluminium core inside the louvres, and top and sides of the panel for added support and to prevent the shutter from warping.

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These materials are highly durable and energy-efficient, and unlike some particular wood shutters, PVC plantation shutters in Melbourne are strongly recommended for kitchen and bathroom where moisture and heat are commonly found.

You would never contemplate the moisture issue and with the simple installation, you will get long-term results. The insulating property makes it perfect for wet areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries.

These PVC plantation shutters complement the coastal environment, tropical climates and make you feel comfortable inside the house, all year round.

How will you benefit by choosing the PVC Plantation Shutters in Melbourne?

White plantation shutters with four panels in a bedroom with contenporary decor
  • White plantation shutters with four panels in a bedroom with contemporary decor.

  • They are a good alternative to timber made plantation shutters owing to the thermal nature;
  • With more functionalities, you can buy PVC plantation shutters at a cost-effective price as compared to other shutter types;
  • PVC shutters create a welcoming look of a home without cracking or fading;
  • They are UV resistant and thus protects you from the Sunlight. Additionally, the interior fabrics will also not fade as the shutters will trap the solar heat;
  • PVC shutters are resistant to oxidative reactions;
  • You will get a warranty of 20 years for PVC plantation shutters.

Why Choose Meta Blinds For PVC Plantation Shutters?

  • Our PVC plantation shutters are environment-friendly. They contribute very less to carbon emissions.  
  • PVC plantation shutters are thermally insulated which helps you to save energy costs of the home.  
  • Our shutters are coated using non- toxic Polyurethane Paint, so it’s safe for the whole family and will last for a long time. 
  • Unlike many companies, our product team has been importing plantation shutters for over 10 years. Through our years of experience and trialling factories, we only import shutters from leading factories that are consistently producing quality, reliable products. 
  • When you buy PVC plantation shutters from Meta Blinds, you are buying directly from the importer cutting out the middle man and getting a better quality product at lower prices.
Shutter in Window
  • We provide end-to-end service and your PVC plantation shutters online are installed by our in-house experts.
  • Our experts at Meta blinds have many years of experience in designing and installing PVC plantation shutters. So rest assured that you will get a good job and your shutters will look amazing.

PVC Plantation Shutters Specification:



Maximum Panel Width


Louvre Sizes

63mm & 89mm

Tilt Option

Tilt Rod & Clear view

Custom colours available


Standard colours


Bathroom Suitability


Outdoor Suitability


FSC Certified


Delivery Time

6 to 8 weeks


20 Years

RRP including installation

$380 per m2

Give your home a timeless elegant look at unbeatable prices. We source our pantation shutters from the best factories so you can get quality shutters that are built to last.

Our Guarantee

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5 year warranty

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Installed in 8 Weeks

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On Time Delivery

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"What Our Customers Say"


Yes, adding PVC plantation shutters to your rooms would be a great decision as they are moisture-resistant and last long. Also, they possess great fire-resistant qualities. Also, they are easier to clean and maintain and are very cost-effective compared to other plantation shutters.

When you go for custom plantation shutters, it is not easy to predict a price. The main reason is there are many variables. On average, the cost of PVC plantation shutters per square metre is $380.

Both wood and PVC plantation shutters are good options to choose from. You can choose any of them as per your preferences. However, there are some differences that you need to know.

For wet areas such as the kitchen or bathroom, you can go for PVC plantation shutters as they are water-resistant. Also, bathroom windows are small in size, and hence, you don’t need to compromise style due to panel configurations. PVC shutters are also durable and lightweight and are reinforced with an aluminium core to prevent warping. Also, they are less expensive than wood shutters.

On the other hand, wood shutters offer a classic, timeless, and aesthetically rich appeal to the room. Also, they are highly sturdy, warp-resistant, and can be painted and stained in the colour of your choice. They are lightweight compared to PVC shutters. They are best-suited for bedrooms, living rooms, and other rooms except for bathrooms and kitchens.

No, PVC plantation shutters are still one of Australia’s best choices for window treatments. They last long and offer long-lasting life. They offer a distinctive look to the home interior and look extremely aesthetically appealing.

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