How to Install Roller Blinds

By: The Meta Blinds Team, 19th Mar 2020.

how to install roller blinds

When it comes to attractive home designs, people prefer roller blinds a lot. Roller blinds are ideally known for fresh looks and attractiveness. Therefore, roller blinds can easily enhance your existing home décor. There are some unmatched advantages a homeowner can get when he/she decides to install roller blinds in his/her home. 

Moreover, indoor roller blinds can also function as a blocker for light. Therefore, indoor roller blinds are also good for privacy and insulation purposes. Hence, roller blinds not only enhance the look but provide multipurpose utilities as well. When installed correctly, they can serve as the best light and privacy control for your home. 

Talking about variety, indoor roller blinds are available in diverse ranges. The difference in roller blinds depends largely on the material. Some common indoor roller blinds are sunscreen roller blinds, block-out roller blinds, and light-filtering roller blinds. You can choose as per your convenience and preference and the professionals will install them on your windows. 

The diverse range of materials also provides various designs and colors. Moreover, some materials in roller blinds also provide great UV protection. Hence, you can also use roller blinds to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. You can try the best roller blinds Melbourne for best service.

Therefore, it can be concluded that installing indoor roller blinds is a very cost-effective way to get some privacy and shade. Moreover, doing this job is a cakewalk, and all you need to do is mount brackets, put in blinds, and secure the sash, and the shades. However, it is important to hire a professional installer if you don’t have any experience or expertise in installing roller blinds on windows. 

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How to Install Roller Blinds

As said above, installing roller blinds is a very easy process, and you don’t need any specialized person to install roller blinds. You can install roller blinds manually in your home. Before you pick up the roller blinds, here’s what you need to have as a part of your tools of the trade: 

  • Measuring tape – To install roller blinds, you must know the correct measurements. 
  • Lead Pencil – You’ll need this to mark the area where the blinds will be installed. 
  • Power drill – You’ll need a drill to pre-drill holes for the roller blind brackets before screwing the brackets in. This prevents the timber from splitting while using screws
  • Impact driver – An impact driver will help you to fix screws in your wall for installation. 
  • Safety glasses – Always, safety comes first. Before doing any DIY project, make sure you have your safety glasses.

Now when you have successfully arranged all these tools, you can head towards the steps given below to begin the installation of your roller blinds. Make sure you follow each step given below with care: 

1. Determining the Blind

First of all, you must decide on the placement of your roller blind. You may install it anywhere like inside the window, outside the window, or even above the window. Therefore, before you begin drilling and all, you must decide the place where you want to install the blind. 

To do this, you can visualize the position of your blind by holding it with both of your hands in the position. Moreover, when you get the ideal place, you can mark the spots with a pencil to start working on it. 

After you get the placement, you need to consider the distance of your window that you want to cover. You can use a measuring tape to calculate the distance. Moreover, make sure that your roller blind successfully covers the required distance.

2. Determining the placement

Now when you have successfully analyzed everything about the blinds, it’s time to get your hands on the placement. Initially, you need to start with the placement of the chain of your blind. Therefore, you need to find the side and space for the chain to hang. 

A lot of roller blinds provide the option to change the side of the chains in blinds. So, how will you decide on an ideal side for the chain? Well, the side from where you find it easily accessible is the ideal side for the chain to hang. 

After that, you also need to determine the rolling way of your blinds. Usually, blinds can either roll over or under the roller. Mostly, most blinds just roll under the roller but if you have something that extends beyond the surface of the window then go for over the roller. 

Now that you have successfully calculated and determined everything, you need to start working on the process of installing the roller blinds. Therefore, the initial thing that you need to do is install the brackets that you got with the blinds by using a hand drill. 

Since roller blinds differ a lot in their types, you need to refer to the instructions manual that you may have got with the blinds. If not, then just screw the brackets tightly so that the blinds don’t fall down afterward.

3. Installing the blind

The first thing that you need to do is open the blind till its capacity and see if it’s longer than the size of your window. If yes, then first mark the extra space with the help of a marker or a pencil. After that, cut the extra space with the help of a scissor. 

Make sure that you verify the measurements not only twice but thrice. Otherwise, you may have to buy another roller for the job. Lastly, roll the blind again and make sure it is roller perfectly horizontal. Otherwise, the roller will not roll correctly. 

Now your roller is ready to be used with the perfect length of the fabric. Now you need to hang the roller blind on the brackets that you installed with the help of your power drill. To do this, you just need to wedge the roller blind on the brackets. 

At last, you need to attach the chain that came with your roller to the wall. You have already determined the side where you want to install the chain so it will be a no-brainer. To install the chain, you will first need to mount it on the wall through the screws and by using a power drill. Additionally, here is a complete video on how to install roller blinds.

Benefits of Installing Roller Blinds

Roller blinds possess a lot of good features such as amazing designs, durable nature, and excellent privacy.  Apart from enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the room, they also complement the existing decor of your home. They are ideal for your home or bedroom because of the reasons listed below: 

  1. Amazing Designs: When it comes to home designs, Indoor roller blinds can be very useful. Roller blinds are available in various colors and designs to give a better look to your home. They look awesome when you experiment rightly with the existing bedroom or living room colours. 
  2. Cost-Effective: Unlike other alternates, roller blinds are ideally the most cost-effective solutions to get privacy, better look, and safety. Therefore, roller blinds are preferred by a lot of people who want to do an economical home décor. 
  3. Uttermost Privacy: Privacy is one of the several major reasons for people to install blinds. There are a lot of indoor roller blinds, such as blackout blinds that provide complete isolation for you. Therefore, if you are concerned about your privacy, then roller blinds are a great choice. 
  4. Easy Operations: Roller blinds come with a chain that hangs on the sideways of your walls. Moreover, to open or close the roller blind, you just need to pull the chain. Therefore, the operation of roller blinds is extremely easy and straightforward. 


We hope that our article has provided you enough insights on how to install roller blinds and its advantages. It is assured that you can quickly get better privacy and attractive looks after installing a roller blind. That’s all we have for today. Check this space for more information.

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