8 Awesome Window Covering Ideas for Your Property

By: The Meta Blinds Team, 26th May 2020.

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Whatever style of home you built, people will always pay attention to the windows types and Window treatmentWindows are one of the first things that will be noticed by the people, and the way you follow the window coverings will create an ambience that enhances your lifestyle. So the people in Australia are using a different window covering ideas for their home windows. 

You have to remember that window treatment ideas will usually consist of simple swaths of materials, arranged, draped or pleated over an opening to the outside and space waiting for you to unwrap it. Here are the 8 awesome windows covering ideas that are fashioned in 2020. 

Importance of Window Covering

Before you are going to know about the window covering ideas, you have to know about its importance. Even though you have highly decorated homes, without the best window coverings, your home is not fulfilled. Whenever you are going to celebrate any parties or events in your home, you will decorate your window with the best window treatment ideas. This is because; the window coverings will add additional beauty to your home

In addition to beauty, the best window treatment will provide healthy surroundings. The materials that are used in Window treatment will purify the inside air. So you should be cautious while selecting the materials for window treatment. These are the two important reasons and importance of window coverings.

Here are top window covering ideas.

Roller Blinds

In the window covering ideas, the first and foremost way to cover the window is with the help of Roller blinds or shades. The idea of a roller shade is quite easy and pretty simple. The indoor roller blinds are lowered, and the shade hangs flat near the windowpane, and once it is raised, it rolls up onto a cylindrical rod. These day night roller blinds can be rolled up on day time and lowered in the night time.  

Generally, the roller blinds Melbourne is made up of materials like sheer fabrics, blackout material, linen, and a palette of patterns. With the advancement of technology, you can print your own images, photos, art, and designs. Print your favourite things on the day-night roller blinds and decorate your windows. 

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Royal Curtains

Instead of taking the standard approach to decorating your windows and hanging the modern curtains from a hang, you can hang them in the form of the crown to add a luxurious feel and royal look. These window coverings are suitable for the bedroom. From the ancient days, these royal curtains are used in bedrooms. You can use any custom made curtains with artwork or plain curtains to add beauty to your bedrooms.  

Generally, these modern curtains can be fixed with fasten hooks at the upper outside corners of the windows and apply the fabric over them. By doing so, the made to measure curtains will drape in luxurious manners, and you need not long for swathes of fabric to achieve this royal look.  

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Plantation Shutters

In the next covering ideas, the window plantation shutters are placed. The window plantation shutters are one of the popular window covering ideas. Even though they have the same style and design, the functionality of Indoor plantation shutters makes them a worthy choice. 

It is recommended to use the window plantation shutters for all windows in the room. You need not use any other window covering ideas for those rooms. If your bedroom has 3 windows and one is covered with plantation shutters, you have to use the best plantation shutters melbourne for the other two windows.  


Window Decals

A stunning and alternative window dressing idea to cover the window is window decals. Plenty of innovative and attractive window decals are available, and it will help conceal the interior. You need not find the expensive curtains to cover your windows; instead, you can make use of unique stained-glass good looking window decals.  

This is one of the much less expansive windows dressing ideas than regular drapes and is easy to install. These window decals have high familiarity among the people because of the modern and creative work. So avail the best window decals and cover your window.  

glass decals

Sheer Shades

Most of the people in Australia are covering their windows with sheer curtains. You can get the sheer fabric shade with the best functionality features. The sheer curtains Australia is usually of light, airy, and has an elegant look. 

When the sheer curtains are closed, the vanes can be tilted open for a filtered view, and when the curtains are completely closed, you are left with privacy. These sheer curtains online can be raised to have a full view of the beautiful garden, kid’s playground, and pets.  


Art Screens

You cannot hang the arts in front of the windows, and it is a certain way of blocking sunlight. Instead, you can use art screens to hang on the windows. So you can make use of the art screens to display your art without blocking the sunlight. 

art screens

Full Floor to Ceiling Curtains

As the name indicates, this floor to ceiling windows will work to make a room appear grander, expansive, and expensive. You can cover the floor to ceiling windows with the best modern curtains. 

floor to ceiling curtains


This is another type of window covering technique, which is commonly used by the people in Australia. The Vertisheers will add additional beauty and have an elegant look for the home. 


Time for Window Covering

Till now, you get the types of window coverings like Vertisheers, window decals, art screen, and many more. Make use of these covering techniques to add beauty to your home and clarify your queries with the above-mentioned points.

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