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By: The Meta Blinds Team, 21st Apr 2020.

plantation shutters

There are tons of reasons why plantation shutters are now becoming more popular than ever in most places in the world. Most homeowners all around the country are recognizing their potential as a long-term investment with the aim of replacing the traditional blinds and curtains. The name plantation shutters are evocative of the southern states where these shutters are becoming more common in most places.

This is because they will give an aesthetic appeal. Given the extremes of the temperature experienced in several parts of the country, the availability of the window plantation shutters are high in number, and this will help the room to be warm during the winter and cool during the summer, which helps in making it more invaluable. These plantation shutters are characterized by the wooden louvres that are the same as the slats on the blinds.

Unlike the indoor roller blinds, these shutters will be attached to the window frame, and they can also be opened when required. However, when you need to make more use of the plantation shutters, you need to know certain most important factors of it.

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What are Plantation Shutters?

The plantation blinds or the plantation shutters are the best things when it comes to the window treatment. These obtained its name from the grand house built on a cotton plantation in South America. One of the important distinguishing characters of plantation shutters is their wide louvres. A louvre is a form of construction that usually involves the horizontal arrangement of the materials. In these plantation shutters, these materials are often blades or slats of wood, metal, or even glass materials.

Every blade or slat varies in width depending on the blade size you can choose based on your needs. However, before installing the plantation shutter, and blinds will be on the exterior side of the home in the early days. Now, the trend has changed and people love to install it inside the home. These are available in both options, like fixed or movable. Based on considering several factors, people can choose the appropriate one.

History of Plantation Shutters

These plantation shutters have been in practice for several years in most homes. These have been used for different reasons like ventilation and several others. These have their origin in ancient Greece and mainly used for covering the window and keeping out the unwanted elements. These were used because the glass was found to be costlier. Earlier, these shutters are made of marbles as the wood did not come in practice in those days. These offered good style and prevented the beauty of the home.

As days moved on, people migrated and settled in different places, and they started thinking of change based on nature and the place around them. The best example would be Mediterranean and European settled move to the places of America.

These brought up the new version of these things. These window plantation shutters have become extremely popular in the southern region, and most houses were integrated sophisticated with higher-end designs. The new modern indoor plantation shutters are originated from Australia. They started using timber for the windows that finally replaced the modern-day plantation shutters, which are considered to be the best shutters as per today.

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Uses of the Window Shutters

The main and important advantage or use of the plantation shutter is that it is used to have some control over the light and ventilation in the home. Their openings will help by allowing only necessary sunlight in the home. Thus, the necessary air will get into the building, and it will also help in maintaining the moisture content of the home.

When you are using the movable plantation shutter, it will help by providing the best control over the light and ventilation factor for the entire home. Indoor plantation shutters, and exterior plantation shutters or external plantation shutters play a different role for your property.

Do you know that you get the heat energy up to 40% just through the windows, and you can have control over the heat in the house up to 87% in your interior space? This can be achieved by the right plantation shutters, and several types of research say that more than 20 to 30% of the electric charges can be saved with this factor.

This is also the best choice when you need to enhance privacy in the home. So, you can have some personal space with your family members or have a comfortable business meeting as well.

Benefits of plantation shutters

These plantation shutters are a great source to add a certain level of style for the inner beauty of the house. Apart from this, there are different other benefits you might have with the plantation shutters.

  • Durability: when you are availing the high-quality shutter, it will be made of the best materials, and it will be durable and ever-lasting. As a result, the shutters will justify the needs of investments over it. It will not warp or deteriorate. So, you need not look for replacements, and durability can be ensured.
  • Style: in the construction of the plantation shutters that have survived and considered by the people all over the world for several decades, there are still some elegant and appealing window treatments that are planned with the window shutters. These offer timeless appeals that will never go out of fashion at any time. It will be appropriate in offering a huge style and a great look for the living space.
  • Insulation: this is one of the places where you need to thank with the wallet. These plantation shutters will be effective enough to insulate your home and keep it warmer in cool times and cool in the hot days. Thus, you need not pay 25% of the air-conditioning cost.
  • You need not care for more maintenance: when you need to maintain these plantation shutters, it is just enough to have a soap solution and wipe it periodically. This will help you to maintain and keep it clean as well.
  • Environment friendly: as a human, everyone is responsible for conserving the wellness of nature. In the window plantation shutters, you need not worry that you are doing any harm to the environment. You are just using 100% recyclable materials in the process, and it is good for your home and the people living in it.

Different Types of Materials of the Plantation Shutters

When you decide to install the indoor plantation shutter for your home, the first thing you need to decide is the material that you need to have. There are different materials, and each will differ from one based on several factors. Some of the common types of plantation shutters are,

Vinyl Plantation Shutters

If you are looking for the plantation shutters by speeding less cost, the best option would be vinyl plantation shutters. However, it will be low with some structural issues when you need to choose the larger shutter. These will not contain any wood.

Instead, it will have PVC or aluminium supported for offering good stability for the plantation shutter. The cost is one of the must-mention advantages of the plantation shutter. Also, it will be good with the resistance of whether and the right option in the moisture areas. Further, these vinyl plantations will be available in several other types like,

Hollow vinyl: These shutters are understood with the name that it folds. It will be hollow, and it will have just the frames. So, it is a cheap plantation shutter. The benefits of this type of shutters are it will be suitable for the different sizes as it is hollow inside the frame. However, it cannot be a huge weight unless you are opting for the larger frame. These are also least in the cost and time-saving plantation shutters as well.

plantation shutters white
  • Structured hollow vinyl: this is the type that will include a vinyl skeleton within the shutters, and so it will help in supporting some huge weights as well. These are also more stable when compared to the hollow shutters, and it will also be less in the cost as well.
  • Vinyl-clad wood: These are the shutters that have a hardwood frame to be wrapped in the vinyl plantation shutters. These are the best ones to offer the strength, and durability of the wood and this will benefit more with the vinyl coating that are the most important factors to increase the moisture resistance in the plantation shutter.
  • Solid vinyl with an aluminium insert: these are the plantation shutter that will have the vinyl coating outside, and there will be aluminium inside the frame. This will have a sense of metal in the frame, and it will also be lighter in the overall profile. At the same time, these are a bit costlier when compared to the other types of vinyl plantation shutters.

Composite Plantation Shutters

These composite plantation shutters are also called engineered wood, fake wood, or faux wood, which are made up of engineered wood. These are also the MDF wrapped in the vinyl or PVC coating. These will be sturdy enough and resistant to the weather and humidity, which makes them durable for a long period. Thus, it is considered to be the best alternative when you need to replace the wood shutters.

plantation shutters elegant

Wood Plantation Shutters

The ultimate shutter is the true wood shutter, and the gold standard of the plantation shutter is the basswood. It will be highest in offering strength to weight ratio, which will be more suitable as it will be appropriate for being light and strong. These wood plantation shutters can be honed into some custom shutters, and it can also be painted or stained, unlike the vinyl and composite ones. These can also be prefabricated into different styles, and colors.

On the other hand, these wood plantation shutters are more beautiful and affordable window treatments that are more appropriate when you have confusions to choose the vinyl, composite or wood. These classic covers will be more appropriate in adding style to your home and it will sustain for several years.

plantation shutters black

Aluminium Plantation Shutters

Indoor plantation shutters are incredibly durable, and these will also be rust-resistant, which will make them perfect for both the internal and external use in any buildings. Here, you can take control of the light in the room, views, and ventilation. So, this will be more appropriate when you need to be sitting and relax calmly in your home.

plantation shutters grey

Basswood Plantation Shutters

Basswood plantation shutters are the other type of plantation shutters that can be suitable for all the houses in different regions. When you choose the right service providers, you can make the necessary design and customizations with the basswood. Also, it is easy to maintain, and has a great appearance for the home.

White Teak Plantation Shutters

Today, most people are in need of considering the necessity of sustainable wood, and it is vital in every house. So, the teak wood will be more suitable in these cases. It will be fast-growing deciduous trees found in most places of the world. So, these are used for manufacturing the white teak plantation shutters. Also, some extraordinary qualities of the wood will make it more suitable for the shutters. You can also find these trees in the window and door manufactures as well. Thus, it becomes the preferable option in the list of both outdoor and indoor shutters.

plantation shutters white

Cost of the Plantation Shutters

When you need to install the plantation shutter for your home, the plantation shutter cost will be based on several factors. On average, the cost of the plantation shutter would be $2,350, and the homeowners need to spend from $1,450 to $3,360 on the whole.

This cost will be based on several factors like the type of plantation shutters you choose, size, customization options, and several others. When you are looking for the wood shutters, it will cost from $200 to $350 per window, and in case of faux or composite shutters, the cost range would be from $70 to $260. However, this is just an approximation, and you need to speak to the different service providers and find the right cost with additional benefits offered by them for the overall installation process. Click here to know the best plantation shutters prices.

Where to Buy the Plantation Shutters?

When you are looking to buy cheap plantation shutters, the better option would be looking for an online medium. Today, online is the best platform where you can find all the things that you need to have. Just take your mobile and open one of the search engines and look for the best suppliers for the plantation shutters.

Get into their website and note several things regarding the website. So, you can choose the best one for your convenience. This will offer you the products with the best convenience, cost, and several other features. So, look for the plantation shutter online and find the right one.

Have the Right Plantation Shutter Now!

Everyone likes to have the best appearance of the home, and you might have followed certain things to enhance the beauty of the home. So, by going through all this information all shutters and blinds, you might have got some idea on the plantation shutters.

Make sure you are making more research on the plantation shutter that you love to have in your home. When you have some effort over the plantation shutter, it will justify the needs, and you can enjoy it with the best internal. So, be wise and start beautifying your home.

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