The Do’s & Don’ts of Pairing Curtains & Blinds

By: The Meta Blinds Team, 22nd Dec 2020.

There are many ways you can beautify your home and make it look charming, appealing and convenient. You can add a wide range of furniture items to give a contemporary or classic look to your home, or you can experiment with window treatment options to bring the best out of it. Pairing modern curtains with blinds is a popular choice among homeowners and interior designers in Australia as the combination is classic and vibrant. Both of them, together, can bring out a versatile, flexible and eye-pleasing décor. Not just that, they both together can ensure adequate light blocking and privacy control too. 

How does it look when you pair curtains and blinds? If you don’t have any prior experience in window treatment selection and how it goes, the best way is to search on Google and see how the combination looks. Simply type: “pairing curtains and blinds”, and check out the results. You will come to know how it looks and whether you should go for it or not.

However, you need to take care of while you are pairing modern home curtains and blinds. There are some things that you need to take into account while pairing modern home curtains and blinds. In this post, we will discuss some dos and don’ts to ensure that you end up making no mistakes. Go through these style guidelines and make your home a radiant and superior space.

Do’s of Pairing Curtains & Blinds

Choose the type of Blind first

When you have decided to pair blinds with curtains, the first thing that you need to do is to choose the blind type. You can go for roller blinds online, or you can go for Venetian blinds that pair well with drapes and curtains. Here, you need to pay attention to the fabric and colour selections as they will play pivotal roles in decorating your room.

Currently in Australia, pairing S-fold or Wave-fold sheer curtains with blockout indoor roller blinds is the popular combination. One of the reasons why this pair is popular is that it offers a modern yet elegant look to the room. In addition to that, roller blinds are cost-effective, and the overall cost of the window furnishings will go down with this selection. Also, you can go for sheer curtains. However, sheer curtains fail to offer privacy at night. Also, if you want a dark room during your sleep, sheer curtains melbourne alone cannot provide that. It is better to pair curtains with blinds to get the benefits of both treatments.

Match plains with textures

There is a wide range of patterns available with modern design curtains, and you can play with them nicely to add the charm in the home. Once the colour scheme is selected, you can bring a pattern into your room with a plain coloured blind. When the plain blind and textured curtains are paired, it will give a distinctive look to the room. However, you need to choose a dominant colour from the pattern that matches well with the plain coloured blind fabric. It will give a classic, superior and appealing look to your home.

Use the right size

Furthermore, you also need to choose the right size for modern home curtains. Do you want curtains to touch the floor or you want to keep them hanging? Generally, homeowners prefer long-sized curtains that touch the floor and give a better look. It also makes your room look more prominent and more extensive. However, it is a personal preference to choose the right size of the curtains. Also, check whether the size you select matches with the blinds or not.

Curtain Fabric Options

The best thing about modern curtains online is that they are available in a wide range of colours to experiment with. We recommend going for printed patterns as they look classy and elegant even when they are opened. You need to break patterns up with solid colours. On the other hand, blinds are often opened and not visible. Choosing a solid colour is the right thing to do.

Match the Curtain and Blind Colour with the Rod Colour

Now that curtains and blinds colour and patterns are finalised, you also need to ensure that the hardware also complements the window furnishing. Specifying tints exactly is the crucial thing to ensure that the curtain rod matches. 

Choosing a rod with shining colours such as silver or gold is not a wise thing as it will not look good and pleasing. Go for a matte finish as it will complement the overall look of both window treatment styles.

Don’ts of pairing Curtains & Blinds

Pick the Same Curtains across the House

Many homeowners make this mistake and end up ruining the home décor. To get the uniform décor, they end up choosing the same curtains for all windows. Using the same curtains melbourne across the house would be easy, but not from a design perspective. It will make the spaces look disjointed and unappealing. 

It is all about creating a comfortable and convenient atmosphere in all rooms. Now, each room has its appeal and atmosphere, and you need to experiment a little here. Furthermore, each room has different lighting and privacy requirements, and you need to choose curtains accordingly. Discuss with your interior designer and family members about selecting the right curtains for each room in the house to get the best appeal for every room.

Pair Print with Print

When you want to go for prints, choose either printed curtains or printed blinds. Choosing printed curtains and printed blinds will make things messy and unbeautiful. If you have printed curtains, choose a solid plain colour for blinds. Combining prints on both window treatments will look too overpowering, especially when the room is small. The ideal thing is to choose a solid plain blind paired with patterned curtains that will give a new, fresh and superior appeal to the room. 

You need to have a basic understanding of what colours and patterns will work best together while pairing curtains and best rolling blinds. If you don’t, you can take professional help.


When it comes to pairing curtains and blinds, considering small things are essential to get the look you want. It is not a random thing to do. Buy roller blinds and curtains from a reputed supplier with a proven track record and take professional help if you have no one to turn up to. Keep guidelines given in this post to have the best combination of curtains and blinds for your home. Always seek professional help when you are in a dilemma or confusion as professionals have years of experience and expertise on their sleeves and they would be better to guide you.

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