Shutters Vs Curtains: Which is Better for Your Home?

By: The Meta Blinds Team, 02nd Oct 2020.

What makes your home more comfortable, convenient and highly appealing and sophisticated? The answer is the window treatment. Visit a home without window treatments and you will come to know what I mean to say.

Window treatments are crucial to add the value to the home and at the same time, to make the house beautiful and appealing. The main issue that most of the Australian homeowners find is the selection of the right window treatment for their homes. There are different window treatments available in the market, and choosing the right one might be a difficult task for you. 

As all these window treatments offer the same advantages to homeowners, it becomes a difficult task to choose the best one amongst all.

Some of the popular choices for window treatments are plantation shutters melbourne, retractable fly screens, drapes, blinds and curtains. All of these treatments have their pros and cons, and you need to give some time and efforts to research all of them to end up choosing the right one for your home. There are many factors you need to consider while choosing the best window treatment such as your budget, personal preferences, an area where you live in, comfort and convenience. 

We are here to make the task of choosing window treatment more straightforward and quicker for you. In this post, we will discuss the two different window treatment types that are highly popular in Australia: plantation shutters and curtains with their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s compare shutters Vs curtains. 

What are plantation shutters?

Plantation shutters are one of the most preferred window treatment options that can improve your home appearance to a great extent. Not just that, when you want to sell your home, it will get you some great deals as plantation shutters add some great value to your home. Apart from the aesthetic and classic appeal they offer to the family, the best plantation shutters Melbourne can protect your valuable belongings from the direct UV rays of the sun and prevent them from fading and discolouring. 

Available in a wide range of materials, the design of the best plantation shutters is the same. Here, slats are made of different materials such as wood, plastic, aluminium or faux wood. Slats are mounted into a solid frame that is then installed on the window. When it comes to colours, most of the homeowners choose the plain white colour due to its simple yet classic look. It also helps in keeping the room cool in summers by reflecting the heat. Again, you can go for wood shutters which are held with their natural colour to showcase the natural flavour of the wood. 

If you are living in an area where the sunlight falls to your home for most of the day, window plantation shutters are an essential choice for you. They do a great job at keeping the room cooler in summers and warmer in winters. Furthermore, these shutters also help reduce your energy bills to a great extent. They are custom-made that fit perfectly with the window and offer the best look that you can imagine. They also provide the best privacy and light control to the homeowner and perfectly serve the core purpose.

Advantages of plantation shutters

  • First and foremost, plantation shutters last for years. They are incredibly stable and won’t warp or discolour. Moreover, they will also not change shape even in extreme weather conditions. 
  • If you live in an area where intruders are a big problem, aluminium plantation shutters can work as a shield protecting your home from intruders from breaking through the window. 
  • When it comes to upkeep your plantation shutters, it is easy and quick. They are easy to clean with a duster or using your vacuum and a brush-head. All you need to do is to wipe or vacuum any dust deposited on the slats. 
  • They offer the best insulation for your home. You can have the best relaxing time in your home in any season. Also, you can save a lot of money as they reduce your electricity consumption to a great extent. If those huge electricity bills are annoying you, installing plantation shutters can be the best solution for you to reduce your energy consumption.

Disadvantages of plantation shutters

  • If you have budget constraints, you, most probably, will not be able to afford high-quality plantation shutters. Custom-made plantation shutters in Melbourne cost more than other window treatments. This is one of the most important disadvantages of plantation shutters. 
  • You have to clean them regularly to ensure that they look great. Also, they need additional maintenance from time to time. 
  • If you love the outside view and want to open your window treatments during the day time, plantation shutters are not the ideal choice for you.

What are the curtains?

Curtain panels are made of different types of fabric and are available in a wide range of colours, patterns, widths, lengths and materials. You can have a wide range of choices that can perfectly align with the existing décor of the home. Hung from a rod, they can change the whole appeal of the room. You can also choose other options such as rings, grommets or a sleeve of fabric instead of a rod.

Advantages of curtains

  • Modern curtains can match with any type of existing home décor and beautify the space.
  • Blockout curtains also offer better blockout in most houses and keep your room dark.
  • Heavy curtain fabrics also offer acoustic absorption, making it perfect for your home cinema.  
  • They are a cost-effective option compared to other window treatments. You can choose from a wide variety of price ranges to select from. 
  • They can keep your room warmer in winters by holding heat from entering your home. 
  • Curtains are safe for children and others as there is no mechanism for operating the curtains that can be damaged. 

Disadvantages of curtains

  • They eat up the space compared to other window treatments such as blinds, making the room look smaller. 
  • This is not the best choice for kitchens and bathrooms. 
  • Curtains can hold a lot of dust if you don’t clean and maintain them regularly. 
  • Depending on the fabric, curtains can be one of the most expensive window furnishings. 


Indoor Plantation shutters and curtains- both are the ideal choices for home window treatments and choosing the one depends on many factors, but the most crucial factor to consider is your personal preferences and budget. Take your decision and redefine the appeal of your home.

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