15 Latest Interior Design Trends

By: The Meta Blinds Team, 11th Mar 2020.

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If in 2019, the modernist palette and earthy tones were the major Interior design trends of the year. 2020 has arrived with fresh and new ideas for home. With an eye on this season, we bring you cool new trends. And revealed inspirations that have come this year. Get ready!

Interior Design Trends to watch

We have already crossed three months in 2020. A new year means a new beginning. Not only is it to burn all those calories from the holidays, but it is also the perfect time to renovate your home. The ideal house of 2020 will look for accessories to provide a balanced touch of modernity and will bet on the natural. If you are trying to find out what to do with your home this year, here are some trends that will reach consumer homes this year. Ready to know the 2020 interior design latest trends?

1. Sleek Contemporary Fire-Places

Smooth contemporary fireplaces are a must in 2020. The installation of a fireplace will surely be motivated by one of the following three reasons – for the pleasure of the chimney fire, to set an evening with friends, or as a complement or replacement of a traditional heating system. 

sleek contemporary interior design

A sleek design contemporary fireplace not only offers your interior an elegant look but also describes the aesthetics of the house according to your taste.

2. Wall Lamps & Sconces

The importance of lighting (wall lamp and scones) in interior design is more than anything. Without proper lighting, interior decoration seems faded and dull. 

wall lamps interior design

A good studio can enhance the decoration of a home, and get even more out of it after a comprehensive renovation. Current designs are more minimalist, functional, and original.

3. Sheer Curtain

Want to get rid of the boring and old decoration of your kitchen room? As well as in the dining room, living room, in the bedroom or the nursery? Don’t want to put a large budget for` the changes and repairs? We recommend starting from changing the sheer curtains. 

sheer curtain interior design

Bet on sheer curtains. Sheer curtains completely transform the living area. It also makes the house more comfortable and functional. Black sheer curtains or white sheer curtains will enhance the beauty of your home. You can get ready made sheer curtains, even you can get quotes for sheer curtains online.

4. Painted Floor Tiles

Are you thinking of house reform without the floor tiles? Pointless. When it comes to reforming the floors, we cannot miss the floor tiles. 

painted floor tiles interior design trends

But, in 2020, the trends are not just floor tiles but painted floor tiles. Painted floor tiles replace the classic idea of hardwood floors, concrete, and marble floors. It even looks cool. Also, affordable.

5. Plantation Shutters

This year, indoor plantation shutters have become an important part of 2020 interior trends. These plantation shutters, in addition to covering your windows, allow you to enjoy the exterior landscape, maintaining the privacy of the spaces. And provide excellent control of the entry of light depending on the environment and its occupants. 

plantation shutters interior design trends

Window plantation shutters come in a different form such as Basswood Plantation Shutters, White Teak Plantation Shutters, PVC Plantation Shutters, etc. Now it’s easy to get plantation shutters, you can order cheapest plantation shutters online

6. Leather Accessories & Furniture

One thing that never goes out of style is leather. This thing will continue in 2020 home interior decoration. In addition to combining everything, leather sofas, leather curtains, leather chairs, make the environment more cozy, retro, and with a more classic or more modern look. 

It depends only on your style. Its use can bring feelings of warmth and refinement, transforming the space with personality and sophistication. Leather material stands out for its high durability and becomes more attractive in space when used elegantly, without exaggeration. 

7. Navy Blue is Replacing Black

Do you want to dare in a monochromatic environment? Bet on navy blue shades and add some white or light wood items. They make the look attractive and eye-catching. Choosing a few accessories and straight lines also contribute to a minimalist combination. 

navy blue interior design trends

A navy blue colour sofa with a light brown curtain looks perfect. Bet on navy blue wall colour, a full size-carpet, and a lower bed.

8. Floral Fabrics & Wallpapers

Using wallpapers for the walls is now an old story. It is so common. Using 3D wallpaper changed the modern interior decoration. But, now it’s time to accept another change. The use of floral fabrics. A new trend in 2020 interior design. 

floral interior design trends

It makes your room decoration so beautiful that you feel something different. After a long busy day, when you enter into the room – floral fabric wallpaper will soothe your restlessness.

9. Funky Patterns

Without a proper pattern, any interior decoration can become a mess. But, this idea is obsolete now. The new trend in 2020 is to bet on funky patterns. Decorating with layers of prints and patterns is a design approach that creates a sophisticated and full-of-depth look in the rooms of the house.

funky patterns interior design

However, when done incorrectly, the result can be a confusing and scattered space. Adding funky texture patterns and bold colors to classic furniture is a practical way to stay within the traditional style of a house.

10. A Mix of Masculine and Feminine

Is there feminine and masculine decoration? More than the sex of the occupant of the department, personal tastes are what make a difference in the organisation and beautification of a space. When it comes to interior decoration, the common idea is to differentiate between the decoration preference between feminine and masculine styles. But, not anymore. 

masculine & feminine interior design

The 2020 interior decoration trends clearly show that we must bet on a mix of masculine and feminine decoration style.

11. Layered Landscapes

Who doesn’t love artificial landscapes? Layered landscapes in the house, or in the backyard of the house seems perfect. Not everyone liked to bet on layered landscapes, but in 2020 interior decoration trends, it has become an important factor. 

layered landscapes

Landscape layering is considering different elements like repetition, texture, scale, and flow. It is a matter of perfect planning. Layered landscapes in your living room, dining room, and in the kid’s room looks fine.

12. Art Deco Design & Accessories

The art deco design is simple. The attention to the smallest details is what will assimilate the identification of furniture, work, or architecture in the art deco style. 

art deco interior design trends

The main features involve bold geometric shapes, circular or straight lines in a more stylized way, abstract design and pieces, and objects with great detail. It is the new 2020 interior decoration trend now.

13. Terrazzo

Today, with various materials inspired by the aesthetics, the classic appearance of terrazzo has gained modern air. It is present in kitchen countertops, bathrooms, floors in any area of the house, and even on the walls. 

terrazzo interior design trends

When it comes to porcelain tiles inspired by terrazzo, imagination is the limit. There is no way to say that the material has only a certain use. It is increasingly incredible in its boldest uses. 

14. Earthy Colors

Don’t be alarmed if, suddenly, browns seem more interesting to your eyes, if moss green becomes your favorite color without warning. Or if light pink starts to accompany you wherever you go. Those who like decor and fashion must have noticed – the earthy tones are with everything. 

earthy colors interior design trends

They are an absolute trend in 2020. And promise to accompany us for the next years to come. This color palette has appeared in our lives for a very clear reason – to bring more comfort to the contemporary rush.

15. Darker Kitchens

The choice of colors for the kitchen is not only related to the choice of shades but also in the project as a whole. Warm colors like orange, gold, yellow, and red are energetic and stimulate the appetite. Some prefer neutral tones like gray and even cooler colors like blue. You can bet on yellow kitchen cabinets. This is a bright, lively, and stimulating color. 

darker kitchens interior design trends

Wall color can be dark grey, deep blue, quite stimulating, and dark grey draws attention. You can bet on the black stone kitchen worktop and polished marble floor.  


In this article, we have mentioned 15 latest interior design trends, which will play a massive role in 2020. Comment on your favorite interior design trends, which you think will make a huge impact on the house.

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