Popular Interior Colours And How They Affect Your Mood

By: The Meta Blinds Team, 14th Dec 2020.

Can you imagine life without colours? The world would be so dull and boring without colours. Do you know that each colour has a story to tell? Whether you are buying clothes or you want to choose colours for your walls or window treatments, you need to understand what each colour has for you.

You might want to experiment with the colours of your walls, curtains or blinds, but you need to learn what each colour brings on the table.

When you know what effects colours bring to your home and how they affect your mood, you will be able to choose the right colours for any of your applications.

Do you know why some colours bring joy and happiness the moment you look at the thing? On the other hand, some colours make you feel drowsy. Yes, each colour has its own story to tell. All you need is your ears functioning.

In this post, we will discuss eight primary interior colours and how these colours can affect your mood. Let’s get started!

Eight primary interior colours and how these colours can affect your mood.


Most of us will say that white brings peace, tranquil and calmness to our lives. However, there are other things that you need to know. When you paint your walls white or off-white, you can make your home feel more spacious and neutral. Furthermore, white also makes space look more clean, neat and energetic. Choosing this colour will make everything inspiring and peaceful whether it is the wall colour, clothes or any other thing.

In addition to that, white spaces also stand for protection, innocence and goodness. When you have white curtains online or plantation shutters melbourne, it will make the room look more spacious, vibrant and radiant. It will also create an illusion that the ceiling is higher and the room is bigger than it is. White has the magic to transform your space into a spacious and miraculously purity.  


Blue is one of the preferred choices for bedroom or living room walls and modern curtains. Experts recommend this colour for window treatments as it causes the body to create some chemicals that make you feel calm and peaceful. Also, blue evokes feelings of spirituality and trust. When you are designing your office, going for dark blues will make the space more professional and sophisticated. Light blues will give a more relaxing and friendly look to your room. Facebook and Twitter are great examples of using lighter blues. 

You will be astonished by the serenity and calmness blue brings to your life. Medically, blue might get your blood pressure down and can help in steadying your breathing process. Pastel blues can make the room more cold and chilly and light warm blues can match with any type of décor and furnishing.


The most favourite choice for bedrooms among homeowners is the stunning colour, Grey. They make the whole environment more clean and open. Muted and pale greys can help you to create a calming space and also make a room more spacious and beautiful. If you are having sleeping difficulties, you can go for grey walls for your bedroom to have peace and balance. 

Furthermore, grey shows maturity and responsibility. It throws positive vibes with formality and dependability. It is a serious, reserved and subdues. When you go for a lighter grey shade, it will make the room feel calm and serene. On the other hand, darker shades will give a more masculine and professional look. 


Brown is another neutral colour that can make a bold statement when used in home interior. Brown makes the environment full of calmness and steadiness. It is the symbol of peace and solitude and also shows practicality and creativeness. Brown also brings stability, reliability and orderliness. 

Brown can be used in the living room and dining room and can also be used in the office or creative areas where you want wholeness. It also shows support, warmness and practicality. It can match with any types of classic and contemporary home décor and will look amazingly well and dependable.


Yellow is the warmest and vibrant colour that can be used in kitchens and other areas of the home or office. Yellow brightens the mood and also makes you feel energetic and going. Also, it is a colour of joy and liveliness when it catches the direct sunlight. Yellow is the synonym of laughter, hope and sunshine and can keep you high throughout the day. 

You will feel cheerful, energetic and optimistic and give you more motivation to do things. However, you need to understand that yellow might irritate your eyes as it reflects more light. Using too much yellow is not recommended. Though it is a comforting and joyful colour, don’t use it too much in your home or office.


Red is not just about roses and romance. Also, red is not just about hostility and rage. For some individuals, red might be the colour to avoid any types of applications. Medically, red might raise your blood pressure, heartbeat and can be responsible for mood swings and irritability. 

However, red also symbolises excitement, enthusiasm and energy. Red is a colour of passion, power, luck and confidence. It is also a colour for socialising and creativity. It reflects friendliness, sociability and assertiveness and also safety, protection and warmth. Most of the times, red is used in social rooms and not into the spaces that are meant to be for calmness and relaxing. 


Pink is most of the time, considered as a feminine colour, and that is nothing wrong in it, thanks to the vast dating market. However, pink has a calming effect on the nerves, and you can feel more relaxed, less aggressive and less angry when you are surrounded by this colour. 

It has the opposite effect on its primary red colour. If you want to decorate your kid’s room, lighter pinks would be a great choice. It promotes a feeling of care, love, kindness and playfulness. Also, pink reflects romance, femininity, tenderness and sweetness. It is a charming colour that can make you romantic and tender.


If you are looking for a colour that is the synonym of excitement, orange is the name. However, home decorators don’t find orange an ideal colour to be used in living rooms and bedrooms due to its overexciting effect. Orange brings energy, enthusiasm and excitement to space and is the best colour for exercising areas. 

Also, experts suggest that orange can stimulate your appetite and hence, you can think about whether to use in the kitchen or not. If you are on a diet and calorie-conscious, using orange in your kitchen is not a good idea.


Hope you know the feeling and emotion associated with each colour you choose for your home. Understanding these colours and emotions will also help you to make the right colour combination for your bedroom walls, kitchen walls, window treatments and others.

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