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By: The Meta Blinds Team, 20th Mar 2020.

best way to clean fly screens

Nowadays, keeping insects, dirt, pollution, particles, wind and other environmental elements from entering households is a tough job. Fly screens are used to provide protection and cover to windows and doors, so that they act as a barrier between the internal space of a property and the outside world. It enables air flow and these fly screens are usually see-through but provide protection to the property from pollutants, mosquitoes, and harmful insects.

Remember that mosquitos, insects and bugs are major health hazards for you and your family. It might make you fall sick. By not doing anything to address this issue, you are putting the health of your loved ones at risk. Introducing retractable fly screens in Melbourne is the best way to keep these guests away from them. These fly screens offer the best protection against such bugs and insects. 

What are Fly Screens?

Fly screens as mentioned above are screens used to protect homes from debris, insects, leaves, spiders, and in some rural cases birds and animals. They are wire mesh coverings that are used to cover windows and doors in all types of homes and buildings. They are regularly cleaned to remove the debris, dust, and dirt that can get stuck in these screens.

There are many types of fabrics used to make these fly screens. There are different types of fly screens and it is important to know how to clean fly screens depending on the type of fly screen that is being used for the doors and windows. The types of fly screens include retractable fly screens, sliding fixed fly screens, hinged fly screens, magnetic fly screens, and also removable fly screens.

How Often Should Fly Screens Be Cleaned

There are different types of fly screens available in the market and the regularity with which the fly screens should be cleaned depends on the type of fly screens used for doors and windows. It also depends on the use of the property and the climatic conditions in the area. Urban polluted cities, for example, have more pollution and dust as compared to rural areas.

So the fly screens in homes in urban areas require to be cleaned more often than to clean rural homes. Windy areas make fly screens dirtier faster as compared to calmer climates. Fly screens in coastal areas need to be cleaned more often than other regions. People usually clean their fly screens once in three months but it depends on the weather, pollution, and other environmental elements in the area.

Best Way to Clean Fly Screens

Once fly screens are installed they continuously keep on accumulating dust, particles, and debris in the wire mesh of these fly screens. The best advice to keep these fly screens clean is to clean them every few months. This makes the fly screens look cleaner and also makes them see- through which is a function of these screens.

Fly screens can be cleaned using all the basic cleaning products like detergents, soapy water, scrubs, and equipment like a garden hose that can clean these fly screens with water at high pressure. There are various ways to clean different types of fly screens and the following are some of the ways to clean fly screens.

How to Clean Magnetic Screen

It is important to know the best way to clean fly screens depends on the type of fly screens to be cleaned. You obviously want fly screens to serve you for a long period. For that, you need to ensure that you clean these installed fly screens regularly. These are large screens usually used for doors and usually, these magnetic screens are retractable. There are different ways in which these types of screens can be easily cleaned.  During regular household cleaning, a feather duster can be used to keep them clean.

fly screen doors

These fly screens can also be peeled away and then cleaned separately. The surface of the magnets has to be cleaned and the magnetic strips can be cleaned with damp cloths. A cleaning agent or soap water can be used to clean the wire mesh.

How to Clean Fixed Screens

There are different types of fly screens available in the market and some screens can be fixed on windows and doors during the installation process. Simple dusters and brushes can be used to remove the dirt and the debris from fixed fly screens.

fly screens

These fly screens cannot be removed and have to be cleaned at their location and so it is a good idea to cover the flooring, window sills and surrounding areas with towels to avoid a mess. Using a scrub and a bucket of soap water is a smart idea as using a garden hose will create a mess and water spill has to be contained. Portable air compressors can be used to clean fixed fly screens.

How to Clean Removable Screens

The best way to clean fly screens that are removable is to simply remove these screens, take them out to the garden or yard and clean them outdoors. There are various ways to properly clean these types of fly screens but using a pipe spray or a garden hose is an easiest and very convenient option.

fly screens

Prop them on a clean wall or surface or keep them flat on a clean ground and then rinse the debris and dirt away with a garden hose. These screens can be even cleaned by scrubbing them with soft brushes and soap water to clean them effectively.

How to Clean Fly Screen with Lint Roller 

Lint rollers are usually plastic rollers with one sided adhesive papers attached to the rollers to attract lint, particles and fiber particles from upholstery, clothing and other types of household items. Fly screens can also be cleaned using lint rollers and this is an innovative option to clean fly screens especially fixed fly screens on doors and windows.

screen cleaning

Gently rolling the lint roller on the fly screens will attract the dust, debris, and dirt to the lint rollers. The lint rollers can be cleaned and reused again once they attract a lot of debris, fibers, and particles. This is an easy way to clean fly screens without water and soap regularly and effectively.

Fly Screens Cleaning Schedule

Fly screens are a barrier or protection used on windows and doors so they are likely to get dirty over time. This means that it is important to clean these screens regularly so that they remain see-through and not accumulate dirt and dust. Regular dusting and using the lint rollers and dusters to clean these fly screens should happen at least once a week to remove the superficial dust on these screens.

Using soap and water and completely cleaning these screens is also important. These fly screens should be cleaned at least once in three months especially in urban and windy areas and regions. There should be a schedule in which fly screens should be cleaned multiple times a year.


Retractable fly screens are not the first item or household furniture piece that people think of cleaning regularly however it is important to clean these fly screens effectively and also often. Regular cleaning keeps the fly screens transparent and looking neat and its surfaces clean. It keeps dust and debris away from the household and keeps the home safe from the bacteria and viruses that may be stuck in these fly screens. Furthemore, it does not take much of your time or money. All you need is some effort. 

Cleaning these fly screens is important as most of the air coming into households flows through these fly screens. Clean fly screens mean clean air and dusty fly screens mean polluted air through the household which is unhygienic. The above-mentioned ways to clean different types of fly screens are all very effective and keep the fly screen clean and safe.

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